Monday, May 17, 2010

Continental and United airlines merger become a cause of worry for the business and civic leaders

Continental and United airlines are likely to be merged and this has become a cause of worry for the business and civic leaders as they fear the time and money that they will have to pay for the reduced flights. United airline’s board have approved the merger along with Continental directors votes expected which would eventually lead to the announcement of the deal soon.

"I would wager that we have lawyers on airplanes in and out of Cleveland every day of the week," said Jeff Healy, chairman of the trial department at Tucker Ellis & West, a local firm that handles cases in almost every state. "Reduced service and nonstops would just mean time and possible frustration.” Tucker Ellis has installed life-sized videoconferencing systems in all its offices to help cut travel costs. "But there's only so much you can do remotely," Healy said. "Oftentimes you have to be in their court."

"A lot of our customers and a lot of our locations are in mid-sized to smaller-sized cities, and the regional service here has been outstanding for us," Christopher -who heads Alcoa's operations in Cleveland- said. "Nonstops are incredibly important because it makes the travel substantially more time efficient and more predictable."

Hopkins has a total of 72 nonstop destinations and 250 average daily departures. That is down from 90 nonstops and 330 daily departures before Continental and other carriers cut capacity because of the recession and high fuel prices. But it still has direct flights to most major business destinations.

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